Elsevier: Annual Meeting Gold Sponsor

elsevier.gifElsevier has generously decided to sponsor the 2007 NYSHEI Annual Meeting at the Gold Level.

The support of Elsevier is critical to the success of our annual meeting and allows NYSHEI to offer free attendance to one representative from each member institution.

Dr. Louise Sherby, NYSHEI Board Chair and Chief Librarian for Hunter College said, “Thanks to Elsevier for their continuing generous sponsorship of the NYSHEI Annual Meeting. I look forward to working with them in the future for the benefit of NYS academic libraries.”

Special thanks are owed to Kelli Gonzalez, Erik Moses, Melanie Goldate and James Tonna of Elsevier for making this possible. Look for them in a vender display area at the Annual Meeting on June 4.


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