Kearney Report on NYS Economic Growth


A.T. Kearney, an economic growth consulting firm, has issued a report for Empire State Development, an executive branch agency.

The report suggests how New York can grow the “innovation economy” called for by Governor Spitzer. Specifically, it proposes a strategy for a “unified statewide economic growth engine fueled by the development of a high-technology infrastructure. Such an infrastructure can be created through the combined efforts of the state, ESD, business, investors, and the academic and research communities.”

This is the argument NYSHEI has been making to state leaders. This is the argument that will help us secure state funding for the purchase of high-end research and development information tools and databases, facilitating teaching, learning and research at New York’s universities and colleges, public and private. In turn, this will provide relief on the over-stretched budgets of those academic libraries.

Jason Kramer, NYSHEI Executive Director said, “we have been ahead of the curve. For months we have promoted the role of academic libraries in creating a statewide information infrastructure to support education and employment well into the 21st century. NYSHEI will continue to advance these goals through the Governor’s office, the state legislature, and the Commission on Higher Education, largely in the form of our ARIA proposal.”

Kramer continued, “we have much work ahead, but all members of NYSHEI should share in the optimism resultant of state leaders paying attention to the concerns of academic libraries.”


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