White Paper on Economic Role of Academic Libraries

NYSHEI advocacy efforts were rewarded by the Commission on Higher Education when we became the first group invited to deliver a white paper. Though we were given a very short time frame to complete this work, we are gratified that the Commission’s Committee on Economic and Workforce Development has taken up a thorough analysis of this white paper.

The white paper promotes academic libraries as the essence of a statewide “information infrastructure” that supports job growth and retention in a modern, knowledge-based, entrepreneurial economy.

This line of argument has been well received by decision-makers in state government. Their support and advice has been invaluable.

By arguing the role of academic libraries in economic growth, NYSHEI has put academic libraries (and the funding issues that concern them) on the radar of state policy makers. This approach also puts NYSHEI libraries in position to pursue the exceptional funding sources the state extends to economic growth engines.

You can help in this NYSHEI advocacy effort.

Illustrative stories, additional data and demonstrative metrics will help us reach our advocacy goals. Please comment on this undertaking, share your stories and anecdotes, and alert us to any research that may be supportive.



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