Spitzer Summit Promotes Optimism, Announces Task Force


Yesterday’s I Live New York summit, hosted by First Lady Silda Spitzer, was billed as an effort to address the “brain drain” of – primarily – educated young professionals from upstate New York. However, the theme was optimism.

It was an unusual event, and not just for the dissonance between the condition of the upstate economy and the cheerleading of the event. The Summit attracted a very wide range of participants, ranging from students and average citizens to Capitol insiders and leaders of business and academia. The diverse egalitarianism of the event was a welcome departure from usual political events, but necessitated an agenda with more breadth than depth.

Local media accounts of the event can be found here and here.

The summit was the backdrop for the announcement of a task force charged with developing strategies to attract and retain a young professional workforce.

Importantly for NYSHEI, the event built the case for our “information infrastructure” as embodied by ARIA. Colloboration, innovation, access to information resources, all were commonly cited as needs of upstate New York. When the event report is formally issued, it will serve as yet another strong springboard for promoting the NYSHEI agenda.


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