Portico Webcast for NYSHEI


On October 2, 2007, from 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Portico will present a webcast exclusively for NYSHEI members.

As researchers, faculty and students become more dependent upon the convenience and enhanced accessibility of electronic scholarly journals, there has been wide-spread concern about the long-term preservation and future accessibility of this valuable educational resource.

The Portico archiving service offers a permanent archive of electronic scholarly journals, thereby providing protection against the potential loss of access to e-literature integral to a library’s collection. Portico also provides a reliable means to secure perpetual access, if participating publishers choose to designate Portico as a provider of post-cancellation access.

Please join Portico for a review of their archiving service along with an update on the Archive’s progress in 2007.

To participate in this event, please send an email to participation@portico.org.


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