IDS Conference Recap


The 5th Annual IDS Conference was held at SUNY Geneseo on August 7-8, 2007. There were over 80 participants, representing 28 New York State academic libraries, including the CUNY Graduate Library and two private academic libraries.

The IDS Project is a cooperative resource sharing system designed to implement and evaluate a set of common transaction objectives, performance standards, policies, and procedures among participating libraries that will help optimize mutual access to the information resources in those libraries. IDS Project member libraries now total 22, with an additional ten libraries expected to join over the next year.

ILL librarians, staff, and administrators meet every year to assess the results of goals and objectives of the previous year and to review new goals and objectives for the coming year. The two-day conference includes speakers, presentations, demos and workshops, and a half-day pre-conference orientation for new member libraries.

This year the IDS Project also initiated the new Mentor Program, which consists of a group of experienced ILL applications and technical staff members who are committed to help new libraries get started in the Project. They will develop personal relationships with the staff in those libraries and be available to support them during their transition period.

The IDS Project website, which has a great deal of information about the Project can be accessed at

Sonja Landes
Head of Access Services
Milne Library
SUNY Geneseo


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