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Chris Filstrup Dean and Director of Libraries at Stony Brook University, and NYSHEI Board Chair-Elect, today testified before the Commission on Higher Education during the hearing at Nassau Community College.

Filstrup maintained the NYSHEI effort to raise awareness about the importance of academic libraries in achieving world-class higher education opportunities, and empowering the development of a knowledge-based economy. The NYSHEI ARIA proposal was the centerpiece of his testimony.

Read the testimony. testimony-ncc-hearing.doc


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  1. paul wiener
    Posted November 16, 2007 at 2:16 pm | Permalink

    I agree with Chris 100% about SUNY’s need to share the high cost of leasing many databases, and with the plan todevelop a policy that allows people and businesses not affiliated with SUNY to sub-lease passwords for off-campus access to information. In fact, I’ve never understood why vendors don’t take advantage of that opportunity to increase exposure and revenue. As in many other areas, fears of breached security are holding back entrepreneurial efforts.

    I’ve always thought that the main thing standing in the way of accomplishing these goals wasn’t the funding per se, or the technological know-how, but the greedy, short-sighted unwillingness of the database vendors to agree to it, mixed in with a healthy dose of the many beaurocratic impediments to cooperative decision-making built into the SUNY system.

    I hope that Chris’ enthusiasm, optimism and energy will go far in overcoming these obstacles.

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