Governor Announces Internet Access Council


Governor Eliot Spitzer announced the formation of the New York State Council for Universal Broadband,
which is charged with developing strategies to ensure every New Yorker has access to affordable, high-speed Internet service. Additionally, a Request for Proposals will be released on Friday, December 7th, to begin the process of distributing funds that were allocated in this year’s budget for competitive grants to research, design and implement
accessible Internet for unserved and underserved areas of rural and urban New York. Governor Spitzer made the announcement at the New York Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting.

Among the appointed members of the council is Michael Borges, Executive Director of the New York Library Association. NYSHEI applauds the inclusion of a library advocate and congratulates our friend Michael for landing a seat. We are certain that from this position he will be a valuable voice in arguing that universal broadband access will help unleash the full potential of the information infrastructure of NYSHEI’s ARIA proposal.

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    Good luck! If you live out in the boonies in Cayuga County, you’ll know that we’ve been asking Verizon when DSL will be made available in our area for years — only to be told they don’t plan to bring it at all. Now, they tell us, we’ll have to wait for fiber optic — though I have no more faith that will come than the DSL. (That was 2-3 years ago). Meanwhile, if you rent (and can afford $40+ a month for internet) and your landlord won’t let you tack on a satellite dish or add cable to his property, you are SOL. You can live with dial-up and crawl along years behind people in more urban areas. This is just one corner of the “digital divide.”

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