Portico Savings to Expire

The Portico 2007 Archive Founder’s savings of 10% expires at year’s end. The following is a letter from Portico to NYSHEI members.


As our second year of library participation comes to a close, I thought you might be interested to learn that 33 libraries from the NYSHEI community have joined nearly 400 libraries – from more than 10 countries – in supporting the Portico archive. This support has been vital to establishing Portico as a robust, trustworthy solution for the long-term preservation of electronic scholarly materials. As our archival work is far from done, we require broad participation from the global library community.

Portico recognizes libraries that initiate support over 2006-07 as Archive Founders and provides a saving toward their Annual Archive Support (AAS) payment. The Archive Founder saving is applied each year for the first five years of participation and is combined with an additional 5% consortium savings that results from NYSHEI’s outreach partnership with Portico. The AAS for Archive Founders remains set for five years; however, eligibility for the Archive Founder program closes on December 31.

At Portico, we’re building a sustainable enterprise to preserve scholarly electronic materials and help ease the community’s transition from print to a reliance on electronic resources. Currently, 46 publisher participants have committed more than 7,200 titles – approximately 10 million articles – for long-term preservation in Portico: http://portico.org/about/part_publishers.html. For more than 70% of these titles, Portico has been designated by the publisher as one source of post-cancellation access. We have ongoing discussions with publishers from across the spectrum of commercial houses, university presses, and scholarly societies and we expect that publisher participation will continue to grow over the coming years.

We are grateful to the libraries and publishers that have collaborated with us to build a reliable, permanent journal archive and welcome the opportunity to work with interested NYSHEI libraries now and in the future. If you are in a position to consider Portico in 2007, then please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the process of completing a license agreement.



Kenneth DiFiore, MLS
Associate Director of Library Relations, Portico
tel: 212 358-6415
fax: 212 358-6499
email: ken.difiore@portico.org
web: http://www.portico.org


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