NYSHEI Reaction to Commission Report

“The Commission’s preliminary report is a good start.

On behalf of NYSHEI and its member libraries, I compliment the Commission on recognizing the critical importance of significant state investments in research and the role of higher education in advancing New York’s economic goals. As the Commission develops its recommendations over the next few months I have every confidence they will fill in the gaps and underscore the important relationship of information resources to academic outcomes,” said Jason Kramer, NYSHEI Executive Director

The Commission Report sets three goals that reflect the advocacy efforts of NYSHEI.

1) Fund innovation with $300 million a year for the next ten years.
The report calls for $3 billion to fund initiatives that utilize public-private partnerships that promise to enhance economic development initiatives.

Kramer said, “the ‘innovation fund’ proposal reads like NYSHEI’s ARIA proposal. If funded by the legislature, this initiative should be available for NYSHEI’s model of public-private partnership for enhancing the information resources available to campus-based researchers and the state’s entrepreneurs. The challenge for the Governor and his staff will be to make certain that this potential funding is used explicitly for its purpose.”

2) Develop an “educational infrastructure.”
The report recommends state-wide contracting for access to high-end electronic databases.

Kramer said, “Obviously, we agree with the Commission. In this report the Commission has explicitly endorsed NYSHEI’s call for a $15 million annual appropriation to fund high end electronic information resources. We are most grateful that the Commission acknowledges the critical importance of academic libraries and champions our call for state support.”

3) Focus on research.
The report wishes to emphasize the economic development advantages of research success at the research campuses of the SUNY system.

Kramer said, “Again, NYSHEI strongly supports any idea that will empower NYSHEI libraries, however, we caution the Commission against overlooking the potential of the other public and private campuses of New York. By enacting ARIA, and supporting research across the state, New York can unlock economic development advantages in every community and at every campus.”


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