Successful Advocacy

NYSHEI advocacy has proved remarkably successful thanks to the contributions of its members and supporters.

The Preliminary Report of the Findings and Recommendations of the New York State Commission on Higher Education explicitly endorses NYSHEI’s academic information resource proposal.

NYSHEI’s ARIA proposal calls for $15 million in state funding for statewide contracts and licenses of high-end electronic databases with a specific focus on science, medical, technology and business resources.

Here is what the Commission report stated:

“There is a second opportunity for the sharing of infrastructure: academic library pooling of electronic information. Not only are scientific discoveries shared through electronic journals, but faculty and students in both the sciences and humanities increasingly rely on electronic resources such as collections of primary literary texts and historical archives. Academic libraries are not contending with rapidly expanding information sources, and facing increasing costs for licensing fees. Some small campuses simply cannot afford what they need.

Other states have taken steps to achieve powerful economies of scale through state-wide licensing (New Jersey, Ohio, and Virginia are examples). New York can strongly benefit from the efficiencies gained through this pooling of effort. The Commission is persuaded by the arguments advanced by hundreds of academic librarians throughout New York and recommends that the State invest $15 million to facilitate college and university libraries moving from individual library licenses to state-wide shared licenses.”


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