2008 State of the State

Governor Spitzer’s 2008 State of the State address acutely focused on two main themes: creating jobs and investing in higher education.

“Without world class education, we cannot have a world class economy. Last year we focused on pre-school to grade twelve. This year, we must also look beyond high school to our colleges and universities,” said Governor Spitzer

Among the Governor’s plans is the creation of a $4 billion endowment for SUNY and CUNY.

“The Governor’s focus aligns with the advocacy aims of NYSHEI. Our ARIA proposal is a cost-effective means of unleashing the strength of the higher education sector to develop the economy. By positioning academic libraries as critical ‘information infrastructure’ we can maintain our optimism while recognizing that this may be an exceptionally difficult year to secure any new funding,” said Jason Kramer, NYSHEI Executive Director.

“With the support of the Commission on Higher Education’s report, the described priorities of the Governor, and our friends in the Legislature, we have an opportunity for success,” Kramer continued. “The challenge will be to marshal the collective effort of academic librarians on behalf of ARIA.”


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