King Testifies at Assembly Hearing

Lynne King, the Director of Library Services at Schenectady County Community College, testified on behalf of NYSHEI before a hearing of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education.


Convened by Assembly Member Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan), Chair of the Committee and Member of the Commission on Higher Education, the hearing took up a review of the Commissions preliminary draft report.

Speaking in support of ARIA and the Commission’s initial endorsement of our proposal, Ms. King joined a score of other advocates, including several university presidents, at the hearing.

Ms. King testified, “The digital knowledge network that ARIA would create builds on an existing collaboration of the state’s public and private academic and research libraries. This is an extensive infrastructure in which even libraries at small campuses such as my own play a vital part. For example, my library shares information from our collections that support specialized fields in our curriculum such as fire science, nanoscale materials technology, and aviation. These materials are supplied to other New York academic and research libraries that need material not covered in their own collections. Most people are surprised to learn that Begley Library at SCCC is actually a net lender, providing more items to other campuses than we borrow each year.

But while there are ways that a small library such as ours can contribute to the community of New York academic and research libraries, there are areas in which we lag far behind because of our small size and small budget. The annual cost to license many of the online information resources appropriate to the academic programs at SCCC are well beyond our means. For example, we could spend close to half of our online budget on access to just one legal database for one of our programs, our Paralegal degree, but instead only one user at a time can access the database from a library computer in order to afford that resource for our students. ”

Ms. King’s efforts on behalf of all NYSHEI institutions maintains our growing momentum, and keeps ARIA on the minds of important decision-makers. Ms. King’s full testimony is available here.


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