Kramer Speaks to Higher Education Committee

NYSHEI Executive Director Jason Kramer on February 8, 2008 presented testimony to a hearing of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education. The hearing was led by Committee Chair Assembly Member Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan) at the state offices in Lower Manhattan.

After thanking Glick for her role on the Commission for Higher Education and its endorsement of NYSHEI’s ARIA proposal and for her sponsorship of legislation enacting ARIA, Kramer urged Glick to not underestimate the impact of ARIA on other higher education goals.

“An information infrastructure built upon academic libraries and supported by state investments promises dramatic benefits: better schools; top faculty; empowered job creation engines,” said Kramer.

“With $15 million of annual appropriations New York can leverage the firth of the nations largest state system, the nations largest urban system and the nations largest private system to provide leading science, technology and medical journals to researchers in every corner of the state,” said Kramer.

Assembly Member Glick noted that there are many challenges ahead, but that NYSHEI is making noticeable progress. “Keep it up,” she said “we can get this done.”


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