Elsevier Invites NYSHEI Perspective


On February 12, 2008 NYSHEI Executive Director Jason Kramer was invited to speak to members of the Elsevier sales, marketing and executive teams.

Gathered at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in midtown Manhattan for their annual North American Sales Kick-Off meetings, Elsevier invited Kramer to discuss NYSHEI and its advocacy on behalf of public and private academic and research libraries.

“NYSHEI libraries are engaged in a broad effort to demonstrate and articulate the relevance of academic and research libraries to the political and policy-making circles of New York. Connecting libraries with that off-campus world is critical to our advocacy goals and will set a foundation upon which we can build greater on-campus awareness efforts,” said Kramer.

“To do this we must repackage libraries as a means to an end. For instance, if Governor Spitzer wants to build an innovation economy, he must know that academic and research libraries can lead the way. If top faculty are to be recruited to campuses, academic and research libraries must be seen as part of the enticement and critical a researcher with career ambitions,” said Kramer.

Kramer set forth three essential items and challenged Elsevier to affirmatively partner with organizations like NYSHEI in achieving those aims.

“First, libraries must cultivate the need for, not what they are, but what they do. Faculty must view libraries as a partner, administrators must view libraries as an essential commodity, and business and political leaders must view libraries as ‘infrastructure.’

Second, libraries must document their service. Metrics and anecdotes must be derived that illustrate persuasively the real-world impact of research libraries.

Finally, libraries must trumpet their value, endlessly, to all available audiences,” said Kramer.


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