Governor David Paterson


On Monday, March 17, 2008 David Paterson will take the oath of office to become 55th Governor of New York State.

“Having known Governor Paterson since his days in the State Senate, I can attest that he possesses a remarkable intellect coupled with a sense of humor and humility. Having worked in our state’s capital for nearly 18 years, I can attest that he is one of the finest, most decent, people to be found in Albany,” said NYSHEI Executive Director Jason Kramer

“On behalf of the public and private academic and research libraries of New York, I wish our new Governor success in leading our government, and restoring greatness in New York,” said Kramer.

New York politics are in tatters. In the past year a Governor and Comptroller have left office in shame. Both legislative leaders are operating under a shroud of allegations and accusations, and a Columbia University study demonstrates that at least one-in-five state legislators has broken the law, with offenses ranging from traffic violations such as drunk driving, to bribery, stalking, assault and others. Of course that count does not include the recent departures of state lawmakers who are actually serving prison sentences, nor does it include those who have been merely investigated at this point, or those who have committed acts inappropriate, but not criminal, such as those involving sexual relationships with interns and staff.

The resignation of Eliot Spitzer raises new challenges for ARIA, with much to depend on the willingness of Paterson to retain members of Spitzer’s staff, and his adoption or rejection of Spitzer’s policy priorities.

With this latest scandal ending, NYSHEI looks forward to again vigorously moving forward with an agenda of support for member institutions, and partnering with Governor Paterson to return New York to its rightful place as the “Empire State.”


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