NY (Almost) Has A Budget

With the state fiscal year set to begin on April 1, New York state is rapidly hammering out details on a state budget, and preparing for an on-time passage.

While an on-time budget is a much desired goal, perhaps more preferable would be a budget debated and discussed openly. Unfortunately negotiations of the 2008-09 state budget returned to levels of secrecy, rumor and innuendo, not seen around the already overly secretive Capitol in years.

Details of the budget will not be publicly known for days if not weeks after its final passage. What is known is that despite rhetoric of “tough times” and financial analysts projections of a worsening economy, state leaders have continued to increase spending at nearly twice the rate of inflation, while increasing the tax and debt burden in our state which already leads the nation in both dubious categories.

As most have noticed, the luster is already off the Paterson administration.


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