Monthly Archives: April 2008

Thoughts on the Next State Librarian

With the retirement date of State Librarian Janet Welch fast approaching, the New York State Education Department is undertaking a broad search for her successor. To assist in finding the best person to lead in the information age, the State Education Department is asking NYSHEI, as well as other library groups, to offer a formal […]

10% Off

Governor David Paterson is attempting to do something that has not been done since Hugh Carey put an end to the “days of wine and roses.” Paterson is preparing a state budget proposal that will cut spending by 10 percent. George Pataki proposed the occasional state budget cut, but once the Legislature got involved the […]

Budget Woes Ahead

Seemingly every day the fiscal outlook of New York State worsens. Now it appears the state may start getting serious about dealing with the problem – and not “serious” in the Albany way that declares a budget with 5 percent growth to be “bare bones.” Governor Paterson is calling for a $12 billion spending reduction […]

The Paterson Cocktail

Governor David Paterson has a drink named for him. Invented at 74 State Street, an upscale downtown Albany hotel Paterson is known to frequent despite owning a home a few miles away, by head bartender Kevin Tighe, the “David Paterson” is based on the Bellini. If you want to mix one for yourself Mr. Tighe […]

Albany Sweeps

The Albany Times-Union describes a controversial state budgeting practice known as “sweeping.” While the concept will be familiar to accountants, using public funds in this way promises to raise even more issues for beleaguered Governor Paterson.

Founding Board Member Announces Departure

Peter Genovese, Director of Libraries at Monroe Community College and NYSHEI Board Member, announced that he will retire from both roles this June. A member of the Founding Board, Peter has been instrumental in the growth and development of NYSHEI. As an outspoken voice for community colleges, his insights and perspective have been critical in […]

Another Shot at Albany

The Brennan Center of NYUoffers yet another shot at Albany “business-as-usual.” The landmark 2004 Brennan Center report is still worth reading.

Brooklyn Representative Out

Diane Gordon (D-Brooklyn), who represented the 40th NYS Assembly District, was removed from the state legislature upon her bribery conviction yesterday. The latest lawmaker turned lawbreaker continues a disturbing trend in our state capital.

What’s Happening In Albany?

It is a question I am asked often. Too often I have to answer in vague terms wrapped in qualifying terms. A week or so after the state budget is constitutionally mandated to be enacted nothing much is happening. No budget, and no effort to complete it – at least publicly. If you follow this […]


State Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats are wrangling over the distribution of state aid to public higher education institutions. A Poughkeepsie Journal article indicates the developing dispute between the largely upstate Republicans who seem to be favoring SUNY and the mostly downstate Democrats who seem to be favoring CUNY.