Elsevier: Platinum Sponsor

Elsevier is sponsoring the 6th Annual Meeting of NYSHEI at the platinum level. This is the highest level of direct support.

“Elsevier has sponsored every single meeting of NYSHEI, and their support continues to grow. Elsevier has been an active and energetic partner as NYSHEI pursues it goals. I sincerely thank them for their commitment to the academic and research libraries of New York,” said Jason Kramer, Executive Director of NYSHEI.

“Working with NYSHEI has helped us to gain a better perspective of the ongoing challenges facing New York libraries, allowing us to better anticipate their needs and open the dialogue toward solutions. Our continued partnership with NYSHEI is essential to building stronger relationships with these libraries and provides an opportunity to help further their missions,” said Kelli L. Gonzalez, Account Manager, Elsevier.

Elsevier will have a visible presence at the Syracuse meeting, and will offer product demonstrations in a private room next to the main meeting space.

“I hope that all NYSHEI members will stop by, thank Elsevier for their support, and take a few minutes to learn more about the company, its people and products,” said Kramer.


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