Sen. Griffo Hearing

State Senator Joseph Griffo (R-Utica) recently hosted a hearing at Utica College to examine how government, educators and business leaders can improve their partnerships, to the benefit of all. Joining Senator Griffo were members of the Senate Committee on Higher Education, and invited speakers.

Below are samples from the evening. All demonstrate the critical niche NYSHEI’s ARIA can fill in meeting the challenges of empowering the higher education sector while leveraging it to the benefit of the broader economy. The impact of NYSHEI advocacy heralding the potentiality of academic and research libraries as “information infrastructure” is being felt by our state decision makers.

“We must recoginze that the rivers and water wheels of the 19th and early 20th century are the universities, knowledge and internet bandwidth that connects our universities, businesses and our government. Therefore we must make the universities accessible to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs and promote innovative partnerships that leverage technology, innovation and money to mutual success,” said Michael Ryan, CEO of North Bay Technology Development.

“SUNY is committed statewide in promoting the State’s economy, and certainly sees economic development as essential to the services it provides to the people of New York as well as its primary missions of education, research and healthcare,” said Dr. John Clark, Interim SUNY Chancellor.

“Colleges are economic engines. Our colleges are an asset we need to see strengthened through investment and collaboration,” said Shawna Papale, Mohawk Valley Economic Development Growth Enterprises.

“University-industry partnerships yield the discovery and dissemination of knowledge, which produce goods and services when effectively harnessed. Government plays a crucial short term and long term role in promoting these collaborations. The long term role requires the application of public policies and the allocation of scarce resources to develop those who drive the innovation process. The short term role focuses on the development of public policies and allocation of resources to accelerate yield from the university-industry collaboration,” said Anthony Collins, Clarkson University President.

“More work needs to be done to connect businesses to the significant resources available on New York’s private and public higher education campuses,” said Abe Lackman, President of the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities.

“Higher education is an important as any industrial sector we have. It is, and will remain, one of the single most important drivers of growth in our state. Our policies and spending priorities must reflect that for us to remain competitive. That is why we strongly support the draft proposals made by the Commission on Higher Education,” said Robert Simpson, President-elect, Metropolitan Development Association.

We could not have said it better.

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