Annual Meeting Evaluations

Attendees were asked to evaluate the NYSHEI Annual Meeting, this year held at the Syracuse University Sheraton. With about half of the attendees completing the online, anonymous, survey, the results are impressive.

For most, this was the first annual meeting they attended. As always, the overwhelming majority of our attendees were library directors. The location, food and program each received exceptionally high marks.

More than half of all respondents listed E. J. McMahon as the best speaker of the day, with repeated comments about the value of learning more about the state government and economic conditions.

The new addition to the program, the facilitated discussions, received generally positive comments, such as:
“This is a great idea,” “The most useful part of the meeting for me,” “The networking was very helpful. It is always nice to have time to speak with small groups with a common focus,” and “Great idea. Please continue to do this.” Helpful advise was offered, such as “could benefit from a little bit more focus, possibly by providing an initial set of discussion questions for each topic.”

As opposed to the 2007 annual meeting, folks were positive about the business meeting and felt they had ample opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the functioning of NYSHEI.

Here is a sampling of respondent comments to what they liked best about the 2008 annual meeting.
“The session with the panel towards the end of the meeting. Actually having a legislator present was great,”
“I enjoyed receiving the information about NY State and its current economic situation; I think its important for us as library directors to have knowledge about what goes on in Albany,”
“Non-library speakers,” and
“[learning about] the importance of political action.”

The most persistent criticism of the day was the absence of a list of meeting attendees. This oversight was noted by nearly a quarter of the respondents.

My favorite comment of the day was one that referred to the absence of librarians-as-speakers as “edgy.”

Thank you all for attending, and see you next year.


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