The Face of NYSHEI


NYSHEI needs your help to put a “face” on our ARIA proposal.

To take our advocacy to the next level NYSHEI libraries must put a “face” on the value of academic and research libraries. Therefore we have developed an advertising campaign targeted at legislators and other policy makers.

Using the testimonials of campus faculty and researchers we can demonstrate the real world importance of an intangible asset, like electronic databases and “information” resources. Please look at the sample poster (above) which highlights a Siena College based Biochemist who says that “library resources are as critical a tool as computers and lab space.”

I need you to find member of your local faculty who will provide similar testimony to the value of academic and research library resources. Please help. The next legislative session may prove critical to our efforts to secure millions of dollars in state appropriations for academic and research libraries. We can not let an opportunity pass because we failed to “humanize” our argumentation.

Contact Jason Kramer at NYSHEI for more information. If you can find a friendly faculty member, we can help craft their support into an affirmation for NYSHEI endeavors.


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