On Campus: Jefferson Community College

Inger Curth, Library Director at Jefferson Community College in Watertown, this week hosted a North Country regional meeting of NYSHEI. Recognizing the need to project the voices of the library beyond the stacks, Ms. Curth invited a wide array of guest to the meeting. The result was an exciting example of the collaborative partnerships NYSHEI has sought.

Attending the meeting on behalf of NYSHEI were Ms. Curth and Jason Kramer, NYSHEI Executive Director, as well as Connie Holberg, incoming Library Director at JCC, Rebecca Thompson, Library Director at SUNY Potsdam, and Mary Beth Bell, Library Director at SUNY Oswego.

Attending the meeting from the Jefferson Community College administration and faculty were, Jill Bettinger, Dean for Continuing Education, A. Pope Vickers, Business Professor, Ed Knapp, Dean for Curriculum and Instruction, Linda Dittrich, Dean for Mathematics and Science, and Betsy Penrose, Vice President for Students.

Attending the meeting were three individuals with a workforce and economic development charge, Eric Constance, Director of the Small Business Development Center, Karen Delmonico, President and CEO of the Greater Watertown-North Country Chamber of Commerce, and Michelle Gefell, Director of Career Planning and Placement.

As well as educating more people about the importance of academic and research libraries, and their need for ARIA, one tangible result of the meeting were a few ideas to improve NYSHEI outreach to the small business community.


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