The Value of Academic and Research Libraries

Testimonials from campus-based researchers have been trickling in. More are needed. Please help in this effort by finding a friendly library user who is willing to avow their support for the importance of your library.

This is an important project that needs your help. Review the initial draft poster and an out-of-state testimonial.

Here are some examples of received testimonials.

“We rely on access to these resources to provide the most current information for our students and our faculty in their class work. But perhaps most importantly the ability to use medical databases effectively is essential to Evidence Based Medicine which is the standard of practice now in the medical field. Without the ability to train our students in this critical skill, we would not be able to prepare them adequately for practice after graduation,” Emily Davidson, Physicians Assistant Program, York College/CUNY.

“Library access has been transformative for both me and students – we can teach our students how to do scholarly work, as well as keep our teaching and research in touch with cutting edge advances. I felt like I have emerged from the Dark Ages! The fact that we couldn’t previously afford – and still can’t afford full access – highlights the problem – especially in science – that information has become so expensive that it’s essentially unavailable to small institutions like us. We can’t do our work without the ability to access the work of others,” Leah Olson, Assistant Professor of Biology, Sarah Lawrence College.

“Our library is a living fount of knowledge. It offers the best collection of organized information to aid students. Consequently students can access our print and electronic collections with confidence that they are using bona fide academic resources. Although the Internet seems quick and all pervasive, students using our library soon learn the difference between quality information and Internet clutter,” Matthew Hendley, History Department Chair at SUNY Oswego.

“I use the library to research articles published in the area of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. I often download peer reviewed articles published from Journals such as the Journal of Magnetic Resonance, Chemical Physics and Physical Review. These articles allow me to learn about techniques that the community has developed as well as results that have been published in areas relating to our laboratory’s effort. Without the library, I could not easily connect to the work of my peers around the globe,” Greg Boutis, Assistant Professor of Physics at York College, CUNY.

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