Eng Joins NYSHEI Board

Sidney Eng, Chief Librarian at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, has joined the Governing Board of NYSHEI.

Mr. Eng was named to the Board by the CUNY Council of Chief Librarians to fill the vacancy created when Curtis Kendrick, CUNY University Librarian, became an ex officio Board Member pursuant to a bylaws change adopted at the NYSHEI Annual Meeting in Syracuse, New York.

Mr. Eng is currently Chief Librarian at Borough of Manhattan Community College (City University of New York) and has been in that position for 12 years. In addition to the community college library, he has had professional experience in a university library, public library, high school library and a magazine.

Mr. Eng holds a BA in sociology from Bishop’s University, Quebec, Canada, an MA in sociology from New York University, and an MLS, from St. John’s University, New York.


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