Hayden on SUNY Cuts

Carl Hayden, Chair of the SUNY Board of Trustees made the following remarks at a one-day conference held at the Rockefeller Institute in Albany, New York. The following paragraphs are lifted from an October 7, 2008 article in New York Newsday.

“Hayden faulted Gov. David Paterson’s directives to cut the SUNY budget along with other branches of state government, saying the strong focus on education and training energized economies in China and Ireland, for example, and there is now “a massive competition worldwide” for intellectual capital that the United States no longer dominates. He said the state needs economic diversification and has come to rely too much on Wall Street.

“The future belongs to those who best create, nurture and commercialize intellectual capital,” Hayden said. “You can’t cut your way out of a recession.”

Hayden pointed to the $1 billion investment in the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering in Albany that has resulted in cutting-edge research and 3,000 high-technology jobs, including 1,000 researchers representing 250 companies.

Instead of cutting funding for higher education and research, he said the state should remove restrictions on the ways the universities engage in “mixed use activities,” where they can sell, lease or make other beneficial arrangements with their property without first having to get slow approvals from the attorney general and state comptroller.”


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