New NYSHEI Policy

The NYSHEI Governing Board has unanimously adopted a new policy.

The policy provides enhanced support for advocacy for specific projects that meet NYSHEI criteria, spelled out below. The intention is to leverage the enhanced advocacy focus (executive director and retained lobbying firm) of NYSHEI for subsets of member institutions.

The Policy

Upon approval of a proposal, the Executive Director of NYSHEI will serve as a consultant to any New York academic library group. Advice, support, and strategic consultation will be provided based upon the nature of the project and its congruence with NYSHEI’s mission. Collaboration between public and independent academic libraries will also be a value that will be considered when reviewing project proposals.

Upon a majority vote of the Governing Board, NYSHEI may agree to support an advocacy agenda item submitted by a New York State-based association, consortium or other collaborative group that serves academic and research libraries, provided that:

1) A minimum of two-thirds of the members of the petitioning group are also NYSHEI members, and

2) The proposed agenda item serves the interests of the petitioning group and not the exclusive interests of one or more of its members, and

3) The proposed project fits the NYSHEI mission;

To petition for NYSHEI advocacy consultation, an interested group should submit a 2-3 page proposal to the NYSHEI Executive Director for discussion at the next meeting of the Governing Board. The petition should include the scope and cost of the proposal, as well as a description of previous advocacy and any relevant limitations or opportunities related to the success of the proposal. Following the NYSHEI Governing Board meeting, the Executive Director will respond directly to the petitioner.

Proposals for advocacy consultation projects adopted by NYSHEI must be resubmitted with each newly seated legislature (every two years).


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