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Senate Snafu Saga

As if the coming budget process would not be difficult enough, the Senate has announced that there will not be any staff changes – until right before the budget deadline. I understand that is “inside baseball” news, but it will radically confuse lobbying during the coming session. Here is the news from the Albany Times […]

Stavisky Named Higher Ed Chair

Queens lawmaker, Toby Ann Stavisky, has been named Chair of the State Senate Committee on Higher Education. Mrs. Stavisky was elected to the State Senate in 1999 upon the death of her husband, Leonard Stavisky, a former university professor. Mrs. Stavisky has previously served as the ranking minority member of the Higher Education Committee. In […]

Rawlings on CHE Recommendations

Hunter Rawlings, former Chair of the Governor’s Commission on Higher Education, recently wrote about the status of his commission’s recommendations, which were delivered to the Governor in June of 2008. Time to make New York great at university level New York State has, yet again, lost an opportunity to start building world-class public universities. The […]

Sen. Griffo Hearing

State Senator Joseph Griffo (R-Utica) recently hosted a hearing at Utica College to examine how government, educators and business leaders can improve their partnerships, to the benefit of all. Joining Senator Griffo were members of the Senate Committee on Higher Education, and invited speakers. Below are samples from the evening. All demonstrate the critical niche […]

Brooklyn Representative Out

Diane Gordon (D-Brooklyn), who represented the 40th NYS Assembly District, was removed from the state legislature upon her bribery conviction yesterday. The latest lawmaker turned lawbreaker continues a disturbing trend in our state capital.

Schimminger Discusses ARIA

Assemblyman Robin Schimminger (D-Erie) met recently with NYSHEI Executive Director Jason Kramer to discuss strategy for promoting ARIA in the State Assembly. Mr. Schimminger, the lead Assembly sponsor of the ARIA act, is Chairman of the Assembly Committee on Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry. As a result of careful planning ARIA has been […]

SUNY Caucus Forms

The Albany Times Union is reporting that a caucus has been formed for legislators who graduated from a school in the State University of New York system. The SUNY Legislative Alumni Caucus, representing about 51 legislators or about one-fourth of the full Legislature, will be headed by Sen. Joseph Robach, R-Greece, a SUNY Brockport grad, […]

LaValle Joins ARIA Effort

State Senator Kenneth LaValle (R-Suffolk), Chair of the Senate Committee on Higher Education and member of the Governor’s Commission on Higher Education, has become a sponsor of ARIA. ARIA, the Academic Research and Information Access act, now counts among its committed supports the chairs – in each house – of the Higher Education and Economic […]

Glick Announces Hearing on CHE Report

Assembly Member Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan) has announced two Assembly hearings to examine the preliminary report of the New York State Higher Education Commission. Assembly Member Glick is both a member of the Commission and Chair of the Assembly Committee on Higher Education. The hearing are scheduled for January 24, 2008 in Albany, and February 8, […]

Assembly May Cut Aid to Columbia

As Columbia University prepares for the speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad, NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D – Manhattan) contemplates cutting state aid to the University. The New York Sun account is here.