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American Chemical Society Offer

NYSHEI is pleased to announce a new pricing arrangement with the American Chemical Society. Under the terms negotiated by a committee of NYSHEI members comprised of representatives from Colgate, CUNY, RPI & Vassar your current ACS contract will increase by the following rates over the next five years. These flat rates contrast favorably with projected […]

New NYSHEI Policy

The NYSHEI Governing Board has unanimously adopted a new policy. The policy provides enhanced support for advocacy for specific projects that meet NYSHEI criteria, spelled out below. The intention is to leverage the enhanced advocacy focus (executive director and retained lobbying firm) of NYSHEI for subsets of member institutions. The Policy Upon approval of a […]

Exclusive NYSHEI Opportunities at ALA Midwinter

At the American Library Association 2008 Midwinter Meeting NYSHEI members will be able to enjoy a few exclusive opportunities courtesy of our friends at Thomson Scientific. **Don’t miss these exciting Thomson Scientific events during ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia!** >>> Prize Drawing: Exclusively for NYSHEI members! Register for a chance to win a $100 gift […]

Portico Savings to Expire

The Portico 2007 Archive Founder’s savings of 10% expires at year’s end. The following is a letter from Portico to NYSHEI members. As our second year of library participation comes to a close, I thought you might be interested to learn that 33 libraries from the NYSHEI community have joined nearly 400 libraries – from […]

Portico Webcast for NYSHEI

On October 2, 2007, from 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Portico will present a webcast exclusively for NYSHEI members. As researchers, faculty and students become more dependent upon the convenience and enhanced accessibility of electronic scholarly journals, there has been wide-spread concern about the long-term preservation and future accessibility of this valuable educational resource. The […]

Attention Pi2 Members

Serial Solutions is looking to add the ScienceDirect titles of Pi2 members to their monthly unique titles list (UTL) updates. Therefore, if your institution is a Pi2 member please contact Serial Solutions and let them know you are in Pi2. By making Serial Solutions aware of your Pi2 membership the UTL holding will be automatically […]

Web of Knowledge Trial Offer

Thomson Scientific has afree trial of the Web of Knowledge database. The offer is only good until June 30, 2007.