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NYSHEI Web Changes

NYSHEI News is moving. From now on the news blog will be found at  This change will not affect you if you traditionally come to it through the NYSHEI home page or through links in the NYSHEI E-News.  However, if you have bookmarked or subscribed to the News feed here you will want […]

Kramer Interviewed

The Empire Page, the premier news website for New York government and politics, interviewed NYSHEI executive director Jason Kramer as part of its “Improving New York” series. The Improving New York section of the Empire Page explores solutions to New York’s government-related problems. Future interviews will examine educational funding, government waste and property tax issues. […]

New NYSHEI Policy

The NYSHEI Governing Board has unanimously adopted a new policy. The policy provides enhanced support for advocacy for specific projects that meet NYSHEI criteria, spelled out below. The intention is to leverage the enhanced advocacy focus (executive director and retained lobbying firm) of NYSHEI for subsets of member institutions. The Policy Upon approval of a […]

Mission Focused

The NYSHEI Governing Board has honed the organization’s mission statement. The new statement (below) is intended underscore NYSHEI’s commitment to influencing public policy and promoting the needs of academic and research libraries. NYSHEI Mission, Vision and Values Mission To strengthen New York State as an innovative leader in research and business by providing statewide access […]

ARIA to Maximize State Assets

Jason Kramer, NYSHEI Executive Director, today testified before the New York State Commission on State Asset Maximization. Mr. Kramer argued that New York’s higher education sector is the state’s greatest asset. By using ARIA to “maximize” that asset an information infrastructure could be created to improve educational opportunities, spur research, lower the cost of business […]

The Face of NYSHEI

NYSHEI Poster (PDF) NYSHEI needs your help to put a “face” on our ARIA proposal. To take our advocacy to the next level NYSHEI libraries must put a “face” on the value of academic and research libraries. Therefore we have developed an advertising campaign targeted at legislators and other policy makers. Using the testimonials of […]

Web Redesign

The NYSHEI website will be redesigned in July. Please do not hesitate to share your comments and suggestions. It has been a little more than a year since the current NYSHEI website launched. During that time, readership has quadrupled and I have evolved some ideas about what works, what does not work and why. This […]

Annual Meeting Evaluations

Attendees were asked to evaluate the NYSHEI Annual Meeting, this year held at the Syracuse University Sheraton. With about half of the attendees completing the online, anonymous, survey, the results are impressive. For most, this was the first annual meeting they attended. As always, the overwhelming majority of our attendees were library directors. The location, […]

NYSHEI Bylaws Amended

NYSHEI members in attendance at the annual meeting unanimously supported an amendment to the NYSHEI bylaws. Effective immediately, the SUNY and CUNY systems will have ex officio membership on the Governing Board. This move does not affect the voting membership of the board, nor does it alter apportionment of the votes among NYSHEI constituencies.

Meet the Speakers

The NYSHEI Annual Meeting is pleased to have a program of expert voices on the concerns surrounding academic libraries as the states information infrastructure. In order of appearance on the program we are pleased to welcome, E. J. McMahon Mr. McMahon is the Director of the Empire Center for New York State Policy and the […]