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NYS Higher Education Too Expensive

So says the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. “Even if you’re prepared, you’ve got to be able to afford to go,” said Doyle, an assistant professor of higher education at Vanderbilt University. “… Based on our measures, it’s very expensive to attend higher education in New York.” Read the full news article […]

It’s Not Rocket Science

At this moment in time, Oxford University has compiled an absolutely, fairly unique list of the ten most irritating phrases in the English language. With all due respect, I personally think it’s a nightmare to limit the list to only ten. But, at the end of the day, Oxford provides a fair start to an […]

Fiscal Watch Blogging, the Manhattan Institute’s seven-year-old website focusing on New York budget and finance issues, has been updated and expanded into a blog featuring daily commentary by two of the Institute’s leading analysts—E.J. McMahon and Nicole Gelinas. McMahon, the Institute’s senior fellow for tax and budgetary studies, is also director of the Empire Center for New […]

The Best Cities?

Long referred to as the greatest city in the world, New York City does not fare particularly well in a new report from the Milken Institute. The Milken Institute/Greenstreet Real Estate Partners Best Performing Cities Index ranks U.S. metropolitan areas by how well they are creating and sustaining jobs and economic growth. The components include […]

High Tech in High School

The Albany Times Union reports on the emerging trend of bringing high-tech instruction to high school students. If nothing else, this draws additional attention to the need to provide wide access to high-end information resources, such as suggested by NYSHEI through the Academic Research Information Access (ARIA) Act.

Book the Author

David Pietrusza, author of the newly released “1960: LBJ vs. JFK vs. Nixon” is available for appearances. If you are interested in hosting this award winning and best selling author, please contact directly. It was the election that would ultimately give America “Camelot” and its tragic aftermath, a momentous contest when three giants who each […]

Vision of Higher Ed’s Future

A meeting of the Innovation & Workforce Development Committee of the Business Council of New York State offered a glimpse into emerging developments in higher education. The exceedingly interesting meeting featured David King, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research at SUNY Oswego and Diane Fodell, Program Director for Innovation and University Relations at IBM. Dr. […]

Yale Doc Lauds NYSHEI

Stephen G Waxman, MD, PhD, Director of the Yale Medical School Center for Neuroscience & Regeneration Research, offered the following testimonial. Surely we can find similar supporters and advocates from the users of NYSHEI member libraries. Please help in this effort. Dear Mr Kramer, I am the Bridget Marie Flaherty Professor of Neurology, Neurobiology, and […]

BCNYS Legislative Session Recap

The Business Council of New York State released an end of legislative session summary. NYSHEI is a member of the Business Council but does not endorse or advocate the Council’s legislative agenda.

The State of Science and Technology in New York

In a June 2008 report title the State Technology and Science Index: Enduring Lessons for the Intangible Economy, The Milken Institute stresses the importance of knowledge and information infrastructure to a state’s economic success. Not surprisingly, New York is not among the leading states. In a report that makes strong arguments for NYSHEI’s ARIA proposal […]